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Research confirmed brand repositioning for divisional re-launch

An international telecommunications manufacturer planned to enter a new, related market.

The current branding was weak and it was necessary to reposition the brand to regain consumer confidence and build a successful business when the brand was re-launched.

Recom’s reputation of successful branding and communications research enabled it to win the contract.

The research methodology used was telephone interviews amongst a very senior audience of 450 telecoms directors in large companies in the US and UK. The research produced a clear direction for messages the advertising campaign should carry, and actions necessary to reposition the weak brand image.

Solution: The client was able to relaunch the division and successfully rebuild market share.

European strategy re-evaluation and repositioning of product offering

A multi-national telecommunications supplier required a current analysis of the fixed line competitive environment in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Sweden prior to modifying its service.

Recom‘s ability to undertake pan-European research and to provide relevant in-depth market analysis, based on specialist technical and business knowledge of the telecommunications industry, resulted in being asked to undertake the research. Decision makers and service providers in those countries were contacted, using the technique of mystery shopping.

Solution: Recom’s analysis enabled the telecommunications supplier to tailor its product strategy, and reposition its product, to compete effectively in the fixed line market.

Global Market Strategy and Product Re-evaluation

A major network operator wished to re-assess the competition facing its customers on product pricing in 23 countries within its global marketplace, particularly relative to discounts on volume.

Recom was selected for its ability to research globally, in the local language, and to analyse and distil the data into actionable conclusions.

Solution: Recom’s recommendation to undertake specialist desk research and mystery shopping resulted in the client re-evaluating its strategy, leading to a repositioned product offering exactly relevant to market needs.

Virtual Private Network – meeting global end user expectations

A household name in European Telecommunications commissioned Recom to assess end user expectations within global businesses in the VPN sector on competitive pricing, support, implementation and hosting in the UK, Japan, France, Germany and the US.

Recom was selected because of its understanding of global markets and its ability to precisely identify and research the relevant sector of the market.

Recom used the methodology and techniques of mystery shopping and socio-economic tracking.

The mystery shop gave a snapshot of the market and the socio-economic tracker gave a greater understanding of social trends in which the businesses operate.

Solution: As a result the Virtual Private Network supplier was able to fully understand VPN end user motivation and to plan accordingly to fulfil expectations.

Satisfying the dynamic youth market for mobiles

A major manufacturer in the communications industry wished to chart the use of mobiles by the youth market.

As the youth sector is extremely active, ongoing research has been carried out for 4 years, providing constantly updated information. The data captures all aspects of mobile use by 10-30 year olds across Europe, including 3G, through the use of telephone surveys.

Recom’s acknowledged expertise in the mobile phone sector and its methodologies resulted in gaining the contract.

Solution: The outcome of the research has highlighted young people’s perceptions, changing usage habits, price sensitivity and application requirements. Recom was able to give added value to the telephone research findings with the use of the socio-economic tracker, using published Government data, to assess social trends which could affect the market in the near future.

Online responses for industry association’s annual membership survey

A communications industry association regularly uses online research for its annual membership survey of senior communications decision-makers.

Recom’s expertise in the communications industry and its experience of designing very effective questionnaires for this level of respondent resulted in Recom being asked to carry out the survey.

The respondents were IT, telecommunications and communications directors of the UK’s top 1,000 companies.

Solution: Their insightful and cost-effective feedback gives the association a ‘voice’ of users of major telecommunications services.

Regular market data informs product price and positioning

A major telecommunications company needed current UK market data on pricing to ensure its products were both competitive and to identify the best price level which could be sustained.

Recom was awarded the contract due to its expertise in the industry and its specialist approach to the design of research.

A mystery shopping exercise was carried out by Recom’s experienced interviewers using telephone and desk research to establish pricing, the sales process and support offered.

Solution: By gaining an insight into the competition on a regular basis, annually, the client is able to optimise its pricing, and position its product and services appropriately to ensure it remains competitive.

Defining users and market for an advanced global satellite product

An international satellite communications provider wished to use technological advances to diversify its specialised hand-held communications products. The study had to be in two parts – firstly, to identify potential customers for the new product by user segment and, secondly, to assess the dimensions of the market segments.

The first survey needed to define the users of the potential new product who required communications in remote or inaccessible places of the world where no GSM coverage was available; such as engineers, petrochemical specialists, medics and film crews.

Research was carried out in the UK, India, US, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland and Russia.

This resulted in the segmentation of end users and gave the ability to review products in relation to current and future user requirements. Once the potential users were identified, the second survey detailed the market share of each segment by take-up, pricing and service requirements.

This in-depth two-part research was awarded to Recom due to its technical knowledge of hand-held mobile devices, industry knowledge and its successful track record in providing high quality research.

Recom designed research based on varying analyses, to suit the segment: face to face and qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted by Recom’s multilingual staff.

Solution: The findings of this study enabled the client to make informed decisions on the feasibility of launching this new specialist product.

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