Public Sector


Public Sector

by Recom

British film and TV producers given redefined support

A government agency set up to support the British TV & film industry carried out extensive qualitative research to understand the lack of support for its initiatives by its customers.

Recom’s reputation in branding and communications studies resulted in being awarded the contract.

Recom used in-depth qualitative enabling techniques amongst CEOs of UK TV and film companies to understand the underlying motivating factors being sought by the customers.

The use of enabling techniques gave a deeper insight of respondents’ feelings and perceptions.

The resulting output proved invaluable to the successful re-launch of the media company’s brand.

Face-to-face surveys keep Regulator in touch with consumer perceptions

A Government Regulator within the telecommunications industry required nationwide feedback on consumer perceptions of the industry.

It wished to measure public awareness about the industry’s offerings; to inform the public on fair competition and gain feedback in order to make appropriate Regulatory decisions.

Recom was chosen to design and conduct the survey in view of its reputation for successful consumer surveys and its expertise in the telecommunications industry.

The face-to-face tracker survey, across 8500 homes, resulted in the client gaining up to date information on consumer perceptions upon which it could base decision-making.

Recom develops a survey for Business Link’s SME clients

Business Link called upon Recom’s long and expert experience of conducting customer satisfaction surveys to offer cost-effective surveys that their SME clients could use.

The SME businesses were offered a survey as a tool to identify how their organisation could be more effective, and to help them grow the business.

The methodology used was telephone research with the option to utilise a socio-economic tracker when it would be helpful to consider the research in the light of social trends.

The cost-effective survey that was offered to SMEs was specifically developed by Recom for Business Link and conforms with the ISO standard.

Housing and environmental survey informs Government agency investment

A Government agency wished to gain feedback on housing and environmental issues to ensure that its decision-making reflected the needs of local residents.

The tried and tested range of methodologies offered by Recom, which enables respondents to be contacted in the most appropriate way, was the most important factor in Recom being awarded the contract.

Recom’s graduate interviewers carried out research online, by post, on the telephone and through group discussions, according to the profile of over 3,000 respondents.

The aim of the research was to assess awareness and understand residents’ levels of satisfaction about the services being offered, and to gain their views as to why some services were not being used.

The survey resulted in the Government agency having clear direction of where investment could best be used and the likely outcome of investment made

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