by Recom

Understanding end users’ expectations when strategic planning

A leading mobile phone manufacturer wished to assess consumers’ expectations in the digital imaging market.

Aspects of the competitive marketplace such as product service, price, quality, distribution and support were researched, based on Recom’s expertise in the communications industry.

The research techniques used were competitive intelligence and desk research backed up with the socio-economic tracker, relative to the need for access to communications by the growing number of single person households.

The outcome of Recom’s work enabled the manufacturer to understand end user’s expectations and formulate an actionable strategic plan.

Redesign of user guides and websites

A leading multimedia manufacturer wished to ensure that its customers were satisfied with the product support they received from user guides and website help, which had to be intuitive and easy to follow.

Recom was invited to undertake the research, in view of its range of product evaluation and methodological techniques, its skilled staff and its experience and understanding of the communications industry.

Mystery shopping, desk research, in-depth interviews, group discussions, product evaluation testing and socio-economic tracking were employed.

These different methodologies and techniques enabled Recom to compile a report giving a complete view of the current market and to identify trends that could impact it, such as time limitations for using the guides.

The outcome was that the manufacturer redesigned its global user guides and website to reflect and fulfil customers’ needs.

Socio-economic tracker helps predict market trends

A leading information provider wished to track Broadband take-up and usage in the UK and commissioned a bi-annual survey of 2,000 face to face interviews with consumers to establish this.

The sample design was key to this survey, which was the main reason for Recom winning this contract.

As an independent company Recom considers the challenges of the project on an individual basis and ensures that information on sample is fully covered. Recom ensures the survey covers a truly representative sample by using the latest government information, encompassing all aspects of society, even those that are hard to reach such as deprived areas, rural, ethnic, and technological coverage (i.e. cable / broadband).

The socio-economic tracker methodology was used in conjunction with face to face interviews in order to enhance the survey’s findings by charting how western European societies are changing.

Using the tracker, on an ongoing basis, identifies trends in consumer usage and helps predict the market in the near future.

Broadband take-up by businesses surveyed and tracked

This project followed on from the successful consumer broadband tracker undertaken.

Recom was commissioned by the same information provider to carry out a bi-annual survey to chart the take-up of Broadband amongst UK businesses.

The survey established how businesses use broadband, how decisions are arrived at and how geographic location affects take up. Additionally, the location of business premises and data on industry types were researched.

The telephone survey amongst a representative UK sample of decision makers was supplemented by the use of the socio-economic tracker to identify the social trends in which the study took place, giving both current and potential future market information.

Recom was selected to carry out this ongoing research following on from the successful consumer survey, and because as an independent company Recom ensures an accurate and relevant sample is surveyed and the challenges of each project are considered individually.

Research to understand European markets for converging technologies

A major multimedia provider required up to date information on the convergence of technologies within communications, i.e. music, media, telecoms and IT, in order to understand and satisfy its customers’ needs.

Recom’s ability to carry out specialist surveys on a global level and its industry expertise saw it awarded the research contract.

A phased in-depth European telephone survey was carried out, initially amongst industry opinion leaders, followed by a quantitative survey of major companies in key European countries, and where appropriate the socio-economic tracker provided further data on current social trends.

The resulting data provided the client with detailed information on relevant services to launch and develop in order to anticipate and serve their current and future target customers.

Global telecommunications manufacturer tests new product for new market

A leading global telecommunications manufacturer planned a new service to address a new market segment and wished to assess its potential.

Whereas the manufacturer traditionally addressed the large company market, the new service offered a combined IT and telecommunications service for the SME market.

Recom’s expertise in sampling, and its IT and telecommunications industry knowledge, was key to being invited to undertake the research.

The research was amongst managing directors and owners of medium-sized companies in the UK, using telephone and online interviewing techniques.

The result indicated that, while the concept was received enthusiastically, it became unviable due to unprofitable distribution requirements.

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