by Recom

Successful research identifies new software product name

A major software manufacturer planned to bring a new application software to the market.

In order to identify an appropriate name it wished to test the market by carrying out research in the UK, France and Germany on a selection of names.

Recom was selected to undertake the contract as it had long experience of branding and communications research and in addition its interviewers were able to conduct interviews in their mother tongue.

Telephone interviewing was carried out amongst business and consumer end users to identify the best name for the target market.

Feedback from the survey enabled a successful launch of the new product and significant take-up by the target market.

Research amongst CEOs enabled a 4% market share increase

A software house looked for opinions from high level decision makers such as CEOs and senior IT managers to gain information about what was important to their clients.

Recom’s specialist methodological approach and the ability of its interviewers to quickly build rapport with senior business people were key to being awarded the contract.

It was possible to establish what the software house’s clients valued and how they wanted to be treated. At the same time potential new products, new business opportunities with existing clients, and the perception of the software house versus competition were established.

The result enabled their distribution channels to become more effective and market share was increased by 4%.

Major IT manufacturer raises staff morale with employee survey

A global IT manufacturer found that keeping in touch with employees’ views was beneficial as part of an organisational cultural change process.

Shortly after a global customer satisfaction survey was completed the manufacturer asked Recom to carry out an employee survey.

The survey, across 36 countries, was won by Recom due to its IT business expertise and successful methodological approach; Recom tailors its methodology to the specific needs of the research. In this case it was carried out online research and the socio-economic tracker was also used in some countries to indicate trends in the local region.

The aim of the employee survey was to gain employees’ input and participation and in the process raise staff morale, when introducing new processes, which would work for customers and staff alike.

As a result, the IT manufacturer was able to introduce improvements that were acceptable to, and benefited, two important stakeholders – its employees and its customers.

Virtual Private Network – meeting global end user expectations

A household name in European Telecommunications commissioned Recom to assess end user expectations within global businesses in the VPN sector on competitive pricing, support, implementation and hosting in the UK, Japan, France, Germany and the US.

Recom was selected because of its understanding of global markets and its ability to precisely identify and research the relevant sector of the market.

Recom used the methodology and techniques of mystery shopping and socio-economic tracking.

The mystery shop gave a snapshot of the market and the socio-economic tracker gave a greater understanding of social trends in which the businesses operate.

As a result the Virtual Private Network supplier was able to fully understand VPN end user motivation and to plan accordingly to fulfil expectations.

Testing European consumers’ brand perceptions before naming products

A high tech consumables manufacturer wished to understand consumer perceptions of its brand globally.

Recom was invited to undertake the research in view of its expertise, flexibility and unique research design.

The client required the study to encompass adults in Europe, Asia and the US and a fast turn-around was an essential element. The clear and simple survey needed to establish that the product name had no unfortunate meaning when translated.

To achieve this, the online survey showed images of the product to respondents to gain their reactions.

The survey was carried out quickly and cost-effectively, giving the client clear feedback of consumer perceptions.

Strategic planning resulting from price evaluation research

A major manufacturer required a pricing survey of its market to enable strategic decision making for a new and improved product.

Pricing evaluation forms an important part of Recom’s services and its unique approach and expertise in this area ensured Recom was awarded the contract.

Respondents were European communications decision makers and the methodology used was multivariate analysis via the telephone and online.

The research established customers’ buying criteria such as the importance of product capability; user friendliness; scalability; speed of operation; and maintenance requirements – in relation to price. Additionally, price tolerance of overall needs was also established.

The findings provided the client with the necessary data for a current understanding of market needs and the potential opportunities it offered.

Study reveals unique requirements in UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain

A major corporation looked for pan-European feedback from the decision-makers and users of imagery, to understand buying behaviour and requirements.

Recom was chosen to undertake the research due to the specific product testing techniques it could employ. Its skilled interviewers carried out in-depth telephone discussions, using the mother tongue, across the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The research, amongst creative directors, checked whether the client’s current products were fulfilling user needs and determined what improvements could be considered.

The outcome was that each country market had unique requirements, dissimilar to those of the US, which gave valuable input to the client’s product development and marketing planners.

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