by Recom

Assessing residents’ needs to offer enhanced services

A UK local housing association wished to identify opportunities amongst residents for business development in the maintenance sector.

Recom was awarded the research contract based on its experience and strengths in methodological design.

Extensive qualitative and quantitative research was carried out by means of the telephone, through the post and online, to understand customers’ needs and profiles.

This data provided an excellent insight, which was fed into the client’s strategic planning, leading to an organisational restructure offering new services

Recom research confirms theme for new communication strategy

A major international pharmaceutical company wished to gather end user perceptions of a theme it intended to use in a consumer communications strategy.

Recom’s strong experience of successfully managing branding research over many years, using its unique methodological techniques, played a major part in winning the contract.

Recom designed research that would test ‘straplines’ to identify the right message to convey to consumers.

The research took place in the US, Japan and Switzerland amongst expert decision makers – directors of biotech companies – who participated in 5-minute face to face interviews while at an industry conference.

The results of the survey gave a clear direction as to which strapline should be used to launch the new communication strategy.

International sports manufacturer tracks its dynamic youth market

A manufacturer of sports clothing, whose market is young people aged between 12 and 25, runs a regular monthly survey aimed at tracking the lifestyle trends and views of young people on leisure products and services.

Recom, due to its acknowledged experience in branding and communications, has provided this ongoing research for 5 years, as the manufacturer considers it crucial to keep in touch with this constantly changing market.

The survey of 400 interviews, carried out in the UK, is part of Europe-wide research.

The results are used to position advertising campaigns intended to capture the imagination and spending power of the youth market.

Gardeners’ worldwide habits and lifestyle

A major international manufacturer of machine driven garden tools wished to evaluate the brand awareness and usage by gardeners, on an ongoing basis.

Recom’s acknowledged success in branding and communications studies resulted in Recom being awarded the contract.

As the number of people gardening is a steadily increasing market, this client wishes to keep aware of gardeners’ lifestyles and how they use machine driven tools.

The yearly survey has been carried out globally for two years by telephone, talking to gardeners in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

The research established clear messages upon which to base advertising campaigns.

Product improvement research keeps client in touch with its end users

A major international paper tissue manufacturer was looking for information upon which to base product development planning.

Recom’s tried and tested methodologies had proved successful for this client in the past and resulted in Recom being awarded the new contract.

A range of face-to-face research methodologies, including focus groups, in-depth interviewing and quantitative surveys, was chosen to assess the views and opinions of end users.

The client was delighted to receive clear feedback on its products, including suggested improvements, and indications for new product ideas.

Customer survey enables distributors to offer more efficient service

A major alternative medicine manufacturer wished to gain an up to date understanding of its customers’ current and near future requirements.

Recom gained the research contract as a result of its ability to carry out the research by offering the most appropriate choices of methodology to gain the most effective results, along with its business expertise.

Telephone research amongst the manufacturer’s distributors was carried out at CEO level in Europe and Australia, supplemented by socio-economic tracker surveys to gauge emerging trends in certain countries.

Recom’s multilingual interviewers are skilled in developing rapport very quickly and use their mother tongue to carry out interviews.

The research established the demands that the manufacturer’s customers faced and the impact of competition. This information identified key business changes to service its customers more efficiently, thereby helping its distributors gain and maintain market share.

Leisure club members use online survey to give feedback on services

A major UK leisure and sports club wished to ask its members whether the current member services provided were meeting their needs.

With 8000 members to approach they chose to undertake an online survey as email addresses were available for most members.

Recom was commissioned to manage the research in view of its expertise with online surveys, particularly its analytical skills.

Online and postal research needs specialist interpretation of results in view of their inherent biases and Recom understands the weaknesses and in its analyses is able to balance them, in addition to maximising the strengths of online surveys.

The resultant research provided clear feedback from members. It was also both rapid and cost-effective and easy for the client to manage in-house for repeat surveys.

Millions respond to online European cost-effective leisure wear study

A leisure wear manufacturer targeting the young adults market wished to understand market trends for specific groups.

Online research was chosen as the methodology and Recom was selected to carry out pan-European research due to its experience and analytical expertise.

Recom was able to include millions of respondents, in the age group 25-60, in the survey through its extensive alliances. Recom’s experience ensures project-driven methodologies are used.

In the case of online research Recom may design research to recruit respondents using the telephone and follow up with online responses from respondents, or other methods as required.

The socio-economic tracker is used alongside surveys, as required, to give greater knowledge to clients by tracking social trends affecting the market.

The leisure wear manufacturer was able to commission this extensive survey cost-effectively, giving up to date market information, and will run it on a regular basis to keep up to date with market trends.

Tracking trends in the restaurant sector to offer fresh products

An international paper tissue manufacturer regularly carries out research to track the UK’s eating habits. As a supplier to the restaurant and catering industry the manufacturer needs to keep abreast of how people view food and how and where they want to eat it.

Recom uses its socio-economic tracker to supply this client with quarterly data on current and upcoming trends in eating habits.

The respondents for this face to face research are decision makers in the catering industry such as restaurant and hotel owners and managers.

Recom uses specific product testing techniques, which have proved so successful that Recom is asked to undertake between five and eight projects each year for this client.

Evaluating a major UK communications exhibition

The organisers of a major communications exhibition held in the UK wished to verify whether people who attended the exhibition felt it met its stated objectives and to obtain recommendations for any necessary improvements.

Recom was awarded the contract due to the high quality of its interviewers, its acknowledged experience, and its ability to tailor the right methodological approach to the research.

At the exhibition 1,000 face to face exit interviews were carried out – interviewing every ‘nth’ person.

The data resulted in the format for the following year being re-designed in line with the findings of the study.

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