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About Us

Recom Research

About Us

by Recom

Who we are

Recom is a multi-skilled global market research company providing insightful research into both the consumer and business to business markets.  Whilst offering a breadth of market research services, we have particular expertise in the sectors of:

  • Communications
  • Telecoms /Information Technology
  • Entertainment /Leisure Industry
  • Multimedia
  • Health Care
  • Public Sector

Established in 1996, we have conducted market research studies in over 90 countries. In recent years, Recom has developed its business expertise in what we call the ’emerging markets’, where China, India, Russia and Brazil represent just a few examples of our recent work.

What we do

Our guiding principle is that we deliver what we promise and get it right first time.

We strive to help our clients to better understand their market (their customers, potential customers and the competition) and in turn this insight helps our clients to differentiate services, innovate and operate more efficiently.

Our approach, we believe, is different to most.

We analyse the client’s brief at the outset to form a comprehensive view of the client’s business, its drivers, its issues and its opportunities, and strive to bring lateral thinking to each project.

Many clients have benefited from this approach, which is designed to produce simple, actionable solutions, based on commercial reality.

How we do it

Our unparalleled depth of expertise and multi-skilled approach (employing not just market researchers, but also business and industry best practice experts) allows us to fully understand our customers’ challenges – no matter how complex – to respond appropriately and deliver as promised.

We devote considerable resources at the beginning of a brief, gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s business objectives, their key issues and their long-term strategy. We pride ourselves in ‘digging deep’ at the outset of a project, to really understand the context in which research is being commissioned, and to fully explore the challenges the business is facing.

This fundamental analysis of the client’s business at the outset, combined with staff who are multi-skilled, leads to research results that are commercially sound and designed to drive revenue.

This approach is designed to develop a client’s competitive edge and point of difference in the market.