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Market research

On and offline

Market research

by Recom

Evaluating markets since 1996

Recom has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, primarily in the communications industry but in many other sectors as well. This vast knowledge base has enabled us to identify market sectors of particular interest to our clients.

Rather than commission a new research project, you can take advantage of our cost-effective syndicated approach to obtain an off-the-shelf product that can offer you immediate answers to your questions. In this way, you not only save time but you also save money, as the cost of an ‘off-the shelf’ report is much less than you would be likely to spend on an ad hoc research project.

Some of the areas covered by our reports are listed here. But our knowledge of these areas is continually increasing, so naturally we produce updates on a regular basis. We actively listen to our clients and their changing needs, and constantly use this information to innovate and improve our product portfolio.

Contact Centres

A concern expressed by many of our clients in the past few years is the falling standard of the support offered to their customers through their Contact Centres, which are often outsourced to off-shore contractors.

Evidence indicates that the consumers of outsourced contact centre customer support may not be receiving the service that the company thinks they should, even though the outsourced contact centre supplier is meeting all their Service Levels Agreements.

As the complexity of customer support rises, with the increase in choice of customer support channels – phone, email, online chat, social networks and so on – the likelihood of failure to achieve first contact resolution rises too.

Recom Research has identified the limitations of current measurements, as they focus only on the ‘hard issues’ and completely ignore the ‘soft issues.’ This leads to lack of understanding between the parties involved – the consumer, the contractor and their client.

We are currently developing a benchmarking study of major communications providers in order to identify best practice. We are hoping that this will provide guidance to clients to improve their current contact centre performance.

Recom founder Ria Barnabas has recently been appointed Chair of the Contact Centres special interest group at the National Outsourcing Association – a recognised advocate of excellence in this field. In this capacity she is working to co-ordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the Contact Centre industry – including the operators and their clients – to devise best industry practices aimed at providing end-users with the level of customer support they deserve.

We would welcome your views regarding contact centres, especially in terms of ‘what they do well’ and ‘what can be done to improve’.

Youth studies Centres

The youth market is a hugely influential consumer group, but probably the most challenging target audience. The so-called “Generation Y” (loosely defined as those born from around the late 1970s to the mid 1990s) is often referred to as Millennials or the Digital Generation.

They are early adopters of technology and interact with it in a totally instinctive way. No previous generation has had access to such a large and diverse array of technologies – not only providing a multitude of entertainment options but also streamlining their daily activities – from their school work to their social lives.

Understanding how the Millennials interact with technology is vital, because they will spearhead its future usage. By working with them, listening to their views and learning from them, we can gain insights into how technologies can be developed to meet their future needs.

Recom Research, in collaboration with Brunel University, has set up an ongoing research initiative, using exploratory qualitative techniques to investigate how the Millennials use technology.

The ultimate aim is to gain a fuller understanding of the Millennials to reveal the factors that will affect their future purchasing decisions and identify new product and service opportunities.

  • What do young people want from communications technologies, and which are most important to them?
  • What do young people want from communications technologies, and which are most important to them?
  • What do they need from communications that is currently missing, in order to enhance their experience – with school, work and play?
  • Which mobile phones and computers do they use, and why? How do they use them?
  • How do they interact with these devices, and what are the limitations?
  • What do they download, and how?
  • How do they feel about security and privacy issues, and how do they counteract them?
  • What do brands mean to them, and how do they make their purchasing decisions?
  • How much confidence and trust do they have in suppliers and brands, and what influences them?
  • Which new technology applications will they want, and what will be most important to them?


At Recom we work closely with developer communities on a regular basis, to assess not just how they are working now but also how they need to work in the future if they are to achieve real business success. In this way, we gain a complete understanding of what developers across the globe need to optimise their working relationships with you.

To find out more, you can download a brief, informative report that resulted from our global survey of 1100 Wireless Data Developers.

The research was designed to evaluate the changing preferences of the wireless community, find out how those preferences compare with current program offerings and identify factors that influence application development choices regarding target devices and preferred platforms.

Online panel

You can use Recom’s Internet Panel to keep up-to-date with all key market metrics – awareness, behaviour, purchasing, opinions, attitudes, image or assessment of new services to name but a few. This can be a one-off exercise or a tracker.

We have extensive alliances with leading internet service providers, online research companies and major leisure corporations. By combining this with our expertise, we can provide you with online research through a carefully selected cross-section of internet users, in order to give you a true representative sample and good, accurate and detailed feedback.

There are enormous cost and time benefits in conducting surveys over the internet, and we are confident that if it can be done on the net, then we can do it, whether it is in the UK or globally.

Find out how you can use the network of Recom’s online research panels, in undertaking your own research requirements.

Customer Satisfaction Research

With the huge growth in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, most companies recognise the value of segmenting and understanding their clients or customers. Recom has been conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys for blue chip clients since the company’s inception.

One of our consultants designed the first questionnaire used by the European Federation of Quality Management (EFQM). Our survey fully satisfies the ISO quality requirement for measuring customer satisfaction. An exciting new service has been designed to help SMEs retain customers and win new business.

Specially designed as an affordable service for SMEs, this survey helps them to keep current clients by understanding what they value and what they want, as well as identifying new business opportunities. This can be from within the current customer base or outside, and it also includes the opportunity to gain an excellent understanding of the competition.

Business Link, the government advice agency for small to medium size businesses, recognises that this can make a real difference to SMEs looking for growth, and have accredited Recom as a Business Link supplier, nationwide.

Competitive Intelligence Research

Business has always been about competing for customers, profits and markets.

But in today’s fast moving ever changing marketplace, awareness of our clients’ competitors is more important than ever. Markets are changing at an increasing speed, and being up-to-date with competitive moves is vital to keeping your company ahead of the competition.

Recom research is tailor-made to our clients’ business requirements, and presented in an actionable format.

Our work is carried out within the guidelines of the Code and Ethics of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). Good decision making can only begin once the threats and opportunities have been identified.

Recom puts its clients in control of the facts, enabling this process. We recognise that these projects can be difficult, and they are in a sensitive area, but we have an excellent track record in this type of research.

Find out exactly what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it, with Recom’s Competitive Intelligence Research.

Brand Identity and Tracking Study

Just what do people see when they look at a Brand? How do consumer perceptions change over time? How can competitors change how your Brand is seen? What is the effect of a major advertising campaign on people’s perceptions? At what point does your Brand need a face-lift?

Just some of the questions that have been answered for major corporations by the Recom Tracker Surveys, designed to measure success in terms of brand awareness and positioning.

If, for instance, a product has experienced poor consumer confidence, we can track the remedial strategy put in place to regain market share.

Find out exactly how you can measure your own Brand Performance with Recom’s Branding Evaluation and Tracking Studies.

Product Development and Testing Research

Product and Concept testing is an extremely valuable way of achieving product superiority, improving performance and increasing customer satisfaction, as well as monitoring potential threats from competitors’ products. This type of research can also be used to measure the effects of price, brand name or packaging upon perceived product performance/quality.

As a result, Product and Concept Testing can provide guidance in creating new products and in predicting consumers’ acceptance of new products.In today’s fragile economy, Product and Concept Testing has become a prerequisite to measuring risk against opportunity.

Find out exactly how you can minimise risk and maximise opportunity with Recom’s rigorous Product Development Research.

Market Quantification and Segmentation

Quantifying the size or potential of a new product or service has become a key business driver in our risk averse economy. Information is usually required to answer questions such as: So how big is my market? What is the potential? How much money will I make? What projected market share is the product or service likely to reach? How much growth can I reasonably plan for?

It is of vital importance when planning new products, or where a company is entering a foreign or unknown market.

Recom also provides segmentation analysis, so that you can better understand which target market is attracted to a particular product or service, which groups have the same or similar requirements satisfied by a distinct marketing proposition, and as importantly which segments of the market are not at all attracted to the product.

Find out exactly how you can more clearly define market potential with Recom’s Market Quantification and Segmentation Research.

Price Evaluation

With profit margins under increasing scrutiny, the optimal pricing of a company’s products or services is of vital importance in today’s economy.

If you are looking at market penetration, market development, product development or diversification, you will want to maximise price and understand how your product is viewed when compared with competing products.

By undertaking pricing and market positioning research, we can look at where you want to be and evaluate current perceptions, so you know what actions are needed to achieve your goals.

Find out exactly how you can more clearly optimise market pricing with Recom’s Price Evaluation Research.

Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.