Sponsored by quadrangle

MRS Award Winners 2016

by Recom

Sponsored by quadrangle

MRS Award Winners 2016

by Recom

by Recom

The winners of the MRS Awards 2016 were announced at Supernova London on 5th December. You can view the photos and download the Book of the Night on their website.


MRS awards

MRS President’s Medal: Africa’s Voices

MRS Grand Prix for Greatest Impact: Kantar TNS and the Scottish Government

MRS Award for Advertising & Media Research sponsored by Credos: BBC Global News

MRS Award for Applications of Research sponsored by The Market Insight Forum Richmond Events: Home Office

MRS/BIG Award for Business-to-Business Research: Lightspeed & Kantar TNS

MRS Award for Financial Services Research sponsored by Lark Insurance: British Gas, Decision Technology & Sparkler

MRS Award for Healthcare Research sponsored by GlobaLexicon: Department of Health & Revealing Reality

MRS/ICG Independents’ Day Award: Hope + Anchor

MRS Award for Innovation in Research Methodology sponsored by Kantar TNS: Conquest

MRS/AURA Award for Insight Management: Catalyx & 100% Open

MRS Award for International Research sponsored by Unilever: Firefish & PayPal

MRS Award for New Consumer Insights sponsored by Criteria Fieldwork: Kantar TNS and the Scottish Government

MRS Award for Public Policy/Social Research sponsored by the Insight Show: Flamingo, United Nations Agencies & NGOs

AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Award for Qualitative Excellence: Acacia Avenue & LTA Northstar Research Partners

MRS Award for Social Media Research initiated and sponsored by Twitter: Kantar TNS & Unilever

MRS Silver Medal: John R. Rossiter, Sara Dolnicar and Bettina Grün

MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness: Datasmoothie

Virginia Valentine Award for Cultural Insights initiated and sponsored by Truth: Firefish & PayPal

Research Live Awards

Best Agency with a turnover above £20million sponsored by Foreign Tongues: Hall & Partners

Best Agency with a turnover below £20million sponsored by Foreign Tongues: Circle Research

Best In-house Team: The Football Association

Best Innovation sponsored by IFF International: Girl Effect, 2CV & Maido

Best New Agency sponsored by RP Translate: Fineline Market Research

Best Place to Work sponsored by Kogan Page: Opinium Research

Business Impact of the Year sponsored by The Marketing Society: Penguin Random House

Newcomer of the Year sponsored by Keen As Mustard: Graeme Cade, Circle Research

Recom is a multi-skilled global market research company providing insightful research into both the consumer and business to business markets. Whilst offering a breadth of market research services, we have particular expertise in the sectors of:

Communications Telecoms /Information Technology Entertainment /Leisure Industry Multimedia Health Care Public Sector

Established over 15 years ago, we have conducted market research studies in over 90 countries. In recent years, Recom has developed its business expertise in what we call the ’emerging markets’, where China, India, Russia and Brazil represent just a few examples of our recent work.

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