Communications, IT, Multimedia, Public Sector, Telecommunications

Case Studies

Communications, IT, Multimedia, Public Sector, Telecommunications

Case Studies

by Recom

Telecommunications – Research confirmed brand repositioning for divisional re-launch

An international telecommunications manufacturer planned to enter a new, related market. The current branding was weak and it was necessary to reposition the brand to regain consumer confidence and build a successful business when the brand was re-launched.

Recom’s reputation of successful branding and communications research enabled it to win the contract.

The research methodology used was telephone interviews amongst a very senior audience of 450 telecoms directors in large companies in the US and UK. The research produced a clear direction for messages the advertising campaign should carry, and actions necessary to reposition the weak brand image.

Solution: The client was able to relaunch the division and successfully rebuild market share.


IT – Successful research identifies new software product name

A major software manufacturer planned to bring a new application software to the market. In order to identify an appropriate name it wished to test the market by carrying out research in the UK, France and Germany on a selection of names.

Recom was selected to undertake the contract as it had long experience of branding and communications research and in addition its interviewers were able to conduct interviews in their mother tongue.

Telephone interviewing was carried out amongst business and consumer end users to identify the best name for the target market.

Feedback from the survey enabled a successful launch of the new product and significant take-up by the target market.


Multimedia – Understanding end users’ expectations when strategic planning

A leading mobile phone manufacturer wished to assess consumers’ expectations in the digital imaging market.

Aspects of the competitive marketplace such as product service, price, quality, distribution and support were researched, based on Recom’s expertise in the communications industry.

The research techniques used were competitive intelligence and desk research backed up with the socio-economic tracker, relative to the need for access to communications by the growing number of single person households.

The outcome of Recom’s work enabled the manufacturer to understand end user’s expectations and formulate an actionable strategic plan.


Communications – Recom research confirms theme for new communication strategy

A major international pharmaceutical company wished to gather end user perceptions of a theme it intended to use in a consumer communications strategy.

Recom’s strong experience of successfully managing branding research over many years, using its unique methodological techniques, played a major part in winning the contract.

Recom designed research that would test ‘straplines’ to identify the right message to convey to consumers.

The research took place in the US, Japan and Switzerland amongst expert decision makers – directors of biotech companies – who participated in 5-minute face to face interviews while at an industry conference.

The results of the survey gave a clear direction as to which strapline should be used to launch the new communication strategy.


Public Sector – British film and TV producers given redefined support

A government agency set up to support the British TV & film industry carried out extensive qualitative research to understand the lack of support for its initiatives by its customers.

Recom’s reputation in branding and communications studies resulted in being awarded the contract.

Recom used in-depth qualitative enabling techniques amongst CEOs of UK TV and film companies to understand the underlying motivating factors being sought by the customers.

The use of enabling techniques gave a deeper insight of respondents’ feelings and perceptions.

The resulting output proved invaluable to the successful re-launch of the media company’s brand.